Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater – Saving Money and the Environment at the Same Time

Installing an infrared outdoor patio heater in your home or in your yard is a great way to cut back on your electricity bills and help protect the environment. The technology has been around for some time but is only now making its way into the mainstream home. This heat source has also proven to be very effective at reducing the glare from sunlight shining on patio windows and slats.

The warm air that radiates from the hot surface is reflected back into the room by curtains, blinds, or another obstruction. If there is no object or reflective surface blocking the radiation, the heat from the surface radiates to the floor, which in turn warms the surrounding area. Because this radiation is more efficient than the heat produced by direct sunlight, this keeps the room warmer and safer. Many of these heaters use infrared heat waves, which are not as harmful to humans as long as they are directed at the source.

There are several types of patio heaters available, and your options depend on the size of your home and the area of your yard. The newer models use batteries, and if you have electricity, you can switch to solar energy and power the heater from the sun. Many of these units can be used for the winter months, but you should consider other alternatives as well. If you live in a warm climate and enjoy using the outdoors as a place to relax, you should consider installing an infrared outdoor patio heater to provide the warmth and safety you need.

If you are thinking about an infrared outdoor patio heater, you should always test the unit before using it for the first time. You will find that the heater can work very well, but you will need to do some calibration before it will work for you. The calibration process is simply getting the device to identify the wavelength of the electromagnetic energy and then holding it steady while checking the temperature on your glass. You will need to make sure that the unit has enough room to do this in, so measureit out before you install it.

You may also want to make sure that the heater can be read on a bright sunny day. If it can’t, you may need to switch it to the off position to reduce its effectiveness.

Before you begin the installation, it is important to read the installation instructions carefully. A damaged or broken heater could damage your patio and it could also burn your eyes, so you should test the device at least once before putting it in place.

The basic model that comes with the heater will operate on a rechargeable battery that can be recharged from a standard household outlet. You will find a wide range of models on the market, from affordable units to those that can run for a month without charging up. A high quality infrared outdoor patio heater will last for years and reduce your bills significantly.